Saturday 14 April 2012

Rally - SS1 stopped

There has been a delay with the 4WD cars starting the first stage at Durris. One of the late runners in the 2WD category went off and scattered the spectators. No-one hurt but organisers are taking a look at the situation before sending the top seeds through.

Still leading the 2WD contingent after two stages is:
1 John Boyd (Fiesta) 17m 03s
2 Graeme Schoneville (Honda) 17m 15s
3 Craig Rutherford (Honda) 17m 22s
4 Greig McKnight (Nova) 17m 45s
5 Malcolm Robertson (Sunbeam) 17m 47s
6 Iain Haining (Nova) 18m 06s

Given the uncertain delay, the next carefully planned Bulletin will be late!

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