Sunday 15 April 2012

Rally - On the mend

Despite what you may have read in some of the more rabid 'popular' press today, the news from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is actually better than you might have been led to believe. Apparently, both 'critical' cases have already been in touch with the outside world!

One of them has emailed a picture of himself to his mates in the local car club, thumbs up and  grinning, from his hospital bed, while the supposedly more 'critical' one has already been on the Rally Forums telling his mates he's OK. So much for not using mobile phones in hospitals!

Yes, both have extensive injuries to their lower limbs, and we shouldn't make light of that, but neither is it right for others to try and profit from such stories by using misleading headlines and lurid exaggeration. 

On another point, on Friday evening I mentioned Ian 'Maxi' Grubb's surprise 40th birthday present when he turned up at Scrutineering for the Granite City Rally, only to find out that he had been entered to drive in a rally car. Sad to say his day didn't go too well yesterday. Both he and the BMW 325 retired at the same point in the second stage - but only after the propshaft had retired some 200 yards earlier!

However, all is not lost. Maxi was overheard muttering something about getting another car.

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