Sunday 1 April 2012

Rally - Tyre test at Charterhall

Unusual competition tyre
A number of folk were asking why so many cones were laid out around the old Charterhall airfield and perimeter roads, but all became clear on Sunday morning. A team transporter with the name ‘McIntyre’ emblazoned across its flanks turned up this morning, apparently to do a bit of tarmac testing ahead of the Jim Clark Rally, and to take advantage of the times set on some of yesterday’s rally stages.

Given the quality of the entry yesterday that was understandable because this is a brand new team running on a brand new make of tyre. Andrew Wood’s tyre van was there, but he’s not answering his phone at the moment and there were no markings on any of the tyres and no stickers on the car. However, that might suggest that Dunlop Tyres may have been involved in the test.
Dry weather test

It would appear that the team were testing a brand new style of run-flat, puncture resistant tarmac tyre with a very novel design. A picture was snatched from over the dry stane dyke under cover of the trees when one of the engineers got out of the car to test tyre pressures by giving them a kick with his Caterpillar boots.

The rally driver and engineers were wearing open face helmets, but it was very difficult to see faces and at distance it was impossible to identify them or even guess at their nationality but they were most definitely Furrin.
Wet weather test

The team did quite a bit of running at the far side of the airfield, away from the workshops out near the boundary and the trees.

The local farmer and his big dugs had also been engaged to chase away any snoopers, so these pics were snatched on the run!

Hopefully I can find out some more info for tomorrow.

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