Monday 2 April 2012

Rally - Charterhall Tyre Test II

I suppose everyone twigged very quickly that my wee 'scoop' from Charterhall yesterday was posted on April 1st? And just in case you missed it, the whole point about the 'McIntyre' transporter is the fact that Dunlop have been "makin' tyres" for years. Think about it.

Having said that, the tyre pictured is actually undergoing test by several manufacturers at the moment.

Developed from earthmoving equipment and blast-proof army use, the original 'solid' rubber design of the tyre has undergone some change over recent years, first with some horizontal holes drilled through the sidewall from side to side, to give a bit of 'give' in the tyre. This led to this latest design incorporating flexible 'spokes' of composite material with a layer of rubber tread wrapped around the carcase.

As for the rally cars pictured, they were two different cars at two different events.

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