Tuesday 26 July 2022

Rally - The Rally Diet

A trip round the service park of any Scottish championship rally provides a culinary and sometimes mouth watering trip through a huge variety of Scottish, and even foreign cuisine, with the tantalising smells of fry ups and barbecues mixing with the pungent aromas of hot oil and burnt clutches. All tastes and diets can be accommodated whether vegan, vegetarian or all day Scottish breakfasts. (Pic 1)

Everything from slices of Co-op black crusted bread with lorne sausage and a variety of toppings such as haggis, bacon, black pudding, tattie scone or fried egg (or the lot crammed into one Scottish morning roll) to pot noodles and pie sandwiches, chicken fried rice and crunchy salads, to tray bakes and cakes.  (Pic2)

 So with that in mind, when I encountered John Rintoul's 'spread' I was rather concerned about his dietary tastes and requirements. We all question his taste in cars, but this? Of course, to those of us with serious gastronomic expertise, brown sauce is infinitely preferable to the red stuff - but this combination? The lad needs help! (Pic 3)

 Maybe this lady could advise on a more balanced diet, eh? (Pic 4)


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