Wednesday 28 August 2019

Save Scottish Rallying

Following last week's important meeting in Stirling, there was a personal column in last week's 'Motorsport News' and for those who didn't read it and might want to know what was said, it has been re-printed in all it turgid, colourful glory in the on-line mag. There is just one proviso, the on-line magazine version is just a teeny wee bit longer than the one printed in the weekly paper - a two mugs of coffee job rather than a singular Espresso. That's because Motorsport News columnists are limited to 450 words.  That in itself is a great exercise, as the writer has to strip the message back to the bare essentials to get the main points of the article across but sometimes, just sometimes , 450 words are not enough. On that basis, here is the full, pre-edited column!

The full text is here:

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