Tuesday 13 August 2019

Rally - Raising the Standard

As promised (threatened?), pen has been put to paper, or rather digit to keyboard. If you can be bothered, there is a more comprehensive article in the on-line magazine which ends with a list of topics which might (or might not) be relevant for discussion ahead of Sunday's (18th) 'Save Scottish Rallying' meeting at  Stirling University (from 1.30pm).

The organisers have already been swamped with responses and ideas both sensible and fanciful, and you can add this list below to either description depending on your own point of view. Neither is it an exclusive or comprehensive list, no doubt all of you lot out there will have even more to add.

Previous responses have also been passed on, hence the use of the word 'swamped' - I don't think the organisers truly realised what they were letting themselves in for, let's hope they haven't been scared off.

Magazine article here:
More information about Sunday's meeting here:  

Topics for consideration, and no doubt this list will get longer?
Short Term
                Fewer events - Encourage clubs to alternate their own event with neighbour event
                Shorter events - arrive, drive, leave in one day
                Promotion of Targa Rallies as possible route into stage events
                Attract more paying spectators
Medium Term
                Renegotiate forestry deal - per car/per mile? (Fewer cars doing less damage)
                Control tyres
                Pump fuel only on non-International events
                Lifing components - as opposed to time limits
                Encourage and involve spectators - possible revenue stream?
Long Term
                Accommodating hybrid and electric cars
                Simplifying the sport's rules and regulations
                Devolve power from Motorsport UK across the four 'home' nations
Other Issues to be addressed
                Encouraging more volunteers to become organisers
                Attraction and retention of new competitors
                Attraction and retention of new volunteers
                Managing costs
                Does forest stage rallying actually have a future?
                Media access - sport needs more positive promotion

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