Saturday 20 February 2016

Rally - Donnie’s first

Donnie MacDonald has scored his first ever outright rally victory winning today’s Snowman Rally at Inverness. Mark McCulloch had a front wheel puncture on the final stage and dropped over 2 minutes.

That put MacDonald into the lead and he finished just 7 seconds clear of Dale Robertson. Also benefitting from Mark’s misfortune was Quintin Milne who grabbed the final podium place demoting Mark to fourth overall.

Despite the organisers’ best efforts, the final stage had to be curtailed after all when conditions worsened. Not only was it getting dark but a blizzard blew up further obscuring vision. After consultation with the Safety Delegate Clerk of the Course also had to consider spectators who were also facing increased difficulties with regard to conditions.

Results are not yet Provisional but the Leaderboard shows
D MacDonald, 50m 15s
D Robertson, 50m 22s
Q Milne, 50m 45s
M McCulloch, 50m 52s
G Pearson, 50m 57s
J Christie,  51m 34s

There will be more to say tomorrow once Results have been declared but the third stage was also curtailed today adding to the difficulties faced by the organisers.

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