Saturday 6 February 2016

Rally - Banned substances

This may seem an entirely innocent and innocuous image but it will generate a fair degree of marital hostility in a certain household somewhere in Melrose. Intentionally.

At the GoRally evening the other night a certain ex-rally driver and some time motor racer  laid the blame for his switch from a less than illustrious rallying career to a hugely successful motor racing career squarely at the feet of his ex-co-driver who just happened to be in the audience. Never was so much opprobrium heaped so quickly on one individual in so short a time.

Naturally said co-driver blamed lack of skill, talent and inability to listen on his driver's less than glorious attack on the most demanding of motor sporting disciplines. Of course, no one took any notice of this lone voice in the throng.

So here is the Payback, when Mrs Famous Racing Driver sees this image of Mr Innocence brandishing a half eaten Tunnock's Caramel Log, he's in deep trouble - she's the one who lets his trousers out and keeps buying bigger shirts. Now she knows why. Go get 'im Steph!

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