Thursday 27 November 2014

The Good Old Days

The National Motor Museum Trust at Beaulieu saved an important photographic collection for the nation at a recent Bonhams auction. The photographs by the event’s official photographer, Albert Argent Archer, document the 1000 Mile Trial of 1900.

The event ran from London to Edinburgh and back and helped to change the public’s negative perception of motor cars at the turn of the century.

At a time when few motorists of the day would have attempted to drive anything like a hundred miles in a single day, the big surprise is that of the 65 starters, 35 cars made it all the way and back.

However, of particular importance to us lot up here is that one of the pics shows the early days of pre-event ‘scrutineering’. Nothing new in motor sport, eh? But rather more worryingly, one of the Scroots looks remarkably like Rab MacDonald. Have a close look at the figure in the middle with his hands on his hips and wearing a bowler hat. I’m sure it’s him.

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