Friday 14 November 2014

Rally = More Nationals

John Morrison is back in the top ten after his timing anomaly and lucky to be there he reckons: "Half way through Sweet Lamb we were too fast into a cross roads and the car was slithering sideways so much I thought we were off, then it suddenly found grip and shot us down the road we wanted - almost as if we meant it!" He added: "It's taking me a wee while to get back into forest mode - after Mull."

Calum MacLeod is going well In the Honda engined MG: "We slid into the chicane bales in SS1 and lost the door mirror," he said, "It was on a long downhill slippery approach and it just wouldn't slow down. It was either head on into the bales or handbrake it and slide in sideways. There is a gearbox and oil cooler beside the radiator behind the front bumper, so sideways was best!" He also had an overshoot on SS2 and has broken the anti-roll bar.

Geoff Goudie is going well but he was lucky too: "We nearly rolled it in Sweet Lamb," said Geoff, "we just cut a corner too tight and it rode up on the ruts and nearly tipped us over."

Jim McRae is back on the road although he's lost a lot of time and will decide tonight whether he comes back out tomorrow.Tony Jardine was spotted off in a stage and stuck fast and Graeme Swann has had a 'soft' roll. Cage and bodywork are OK but the windscreen is cracked, so the M-Sport boys said they will fix it tonight, so Stuart still has some co-driving to do.

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