Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rally - Nae brakes

Looks like Calum and Claudia MacLeod are out having lost their brakes in the MG: "Two thirds of the way through the second Glocaenog this morning I went for the handbrake, and pulled it back, and then it went all the way back," said Calum, "so no handbrake, but I had no footbrake either and we plunged off the road. A brake pipe had burst so we crimped it with vice grips and then tried to get the car out. Amongst the spectators was Jukka Korhonen and he was pushing and managed to knock my door mirror off, at least he handed it back. But the car wasn't for moving so we then had to jack it up and get stones under it and eventually managed to reverse it out of the hole, but by that time everyone else had gone past."

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