Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Rally - Jim Clark Rally

The surprise announcement by Scottish Borders Council last Friday has caused quite a stooshie in rallying circles - and beyond. The organisers of the 2015 Jim Clark Rally were invited to a meeting with the Council at 10.00 am on Friday morning the 7th of November following which a statement timed at 11.31 am was issued by the Council press office which stated that it “will not be possible to hold the 2015 Jim Clark Rally in May”. 

This meeting was called at short notice by the Council and the invited delegates were informed of the Council’s decision. Prior to this there had been no inkling of what was afoot. It would appear that there were few other ‘partners’ at the meeting and the JCR representatives who could make it were rather surprised at the news. 

However, they have been greatly heartened by the campaign which has sprung up to save the event, and also encouraged by the response and support from the local MSP, John Lamont, and MP, Michael Moore. No doubt there will be more to come from this.

For those who haven’t seen it, the full text of the Council’s Statement is printed in the on-line rally mag, followed by the JCR team’s statement.


Until now reporting restrictions have been very strict, and these remain in place, but in a bid to clarify one serious point (which is already a matter of public record), the organiser’s Statement (see Editor’s Notes at the end) seeks to clarify one contentious point concerning the tragic events earlier this year. Strictly speaking, it was not three ‘spectators’ who were involved in the fatal accident, but one Journalist and one Photographer representing a known news/information media outlet (both of whom were signed-on!) and one other person who was travelling with them. The organisers have taken quite a beating in the ‘popular’ press over the past few months regarding public safety, and this has been quite unfair. Hopefully this will now set the record straight and cast a rather different light on the circumstances surrounding past events.

There has also been a campaign mounted on Facebook to save the Rally. This was not instigated by the rally organisers and has not been sanctioned by the Jim Clark Rally promoters.

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