Wednesday 1 January 2014

Rally - Pictorial Review

Happy New Year ... to one and all, and may it be safe, successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.

And just to get things off to the ideal start ahead of the new season, here is a link to 'Jaggy Bunnet's' very own and personal pictorial review of the 2013 season. Apparently Jaggy has more pics on file, but this is a selection only of those which can be published!

Which begs the question, could this form the basis of an annual quiz? How many folk do you recognise and how many can you name? Although every pic is captioned, identities have not been revealed.

By the way, if anyone thinks they recognise him or herself in any of the images in this rogues gallery then it isn't them, it's actually folk hired from a look-alike agency.

As ever, any resemblance to any living person is purely coincidental, and intentional. No offence is meant and so none can be taken. It's all been done in the best possible taste.

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