Saturday 4 January 2014

Rally - Collie still leads

Chris Collie still leads the  Grant Construction Stages Rally at Knockhill with Stuart Walker second even with his new tyres. And it was pointed out to me by Mrs Wood herself, that Stuart actually ordered the tyres this week, not last week, so to be delivered here today is exceptional customer service of the highest order - so Mrs Wood says!

Lee Hastings continues to move up the leaderboard and is now third ahead of Iain Wilson in the wee Nova with Gary Adam dropping back to fifth place. That's down to the wet conditions and too much power, as explained by Ross Marshall. He's out in his Dad's 2.5 litre MkII for the first time ever and says it's harder to drive than his 1600. That's because: "I like to drive the 1600 car flat out, but you have to keep lifting off with this one because you can't lay the power down."

Ross Hunter completes the top six but is giving the steering rack a serious workout as the Peugeot is rarely pointing in the direction of flight. They're not the quickest lines through the corners but they are highly entertaining.

Sadly, Gareth White has dropped out of the top ten in the wee Citroen. He got a front wheel puncture half way round Stage 5 and had to stop and change it, then one of the wheel nuts wouldn't slacken so he had to resort to some seriously profane cuss words to get it off.

As for the weather, I have discovered the true meaning of luxury and it is in the Knockhill toilets - hot water! With cold hands and certain cold 'other bits' this is proving to be a godsend. So the best dea is to wash hands first to warm up, then do the business, then wash hands again, thereby heating up all the little necessities of life! Otherwise it's cauld up here, seriously cauld!

Leaderboard after 6 (of 8) stages:
1, Chris Collie, 33m 29s
2, Stuart Walker, 33m 42s
3, Lee Hastings, 33m 47s
4, Iain Wilson, 34m 04s
5, Gary Adam, 34m 10s
6, Ross Hunter, 34m 12s
7, Sean Robson, 34m 28s
8, John Rintoul, 34m 30s
9, Ross Marshall, 34m 58s
10, Des Campbell, 35m 06s

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