Wednesday 1 January 2014

Rally - New Year Greeting

It’s January first of a brand new year and Hogmanay is past
It leaves behind a heid that’s sair, and a pledge that wullnae last
Never again will I overconsume, or mix the grape with grain
The beer and wine was very fine, but spirits increased the pain

Whisky is not a single drink, we know there are types of two
The drinking blend will quench the thirst, while malts are God’s own dew
The bells then tolled the midnight hour, and fireworks in the sky sparkled
I don’t remember much from then, I was well and truly Glen Farcled

And through the alcoholic haze, I view the year to come
Of battles fought and titles lost, cos winning is just for some
But for those who strive and hope to see, the popping corks and spray
The fun is always in the partaking, and ambition it’s you some day

Can David do it all again we wonder, with rear wheel drive alone
Or will Euan visit Cockermouth, then Wonga for a loan
Can Jock or Chris, or Barry or Mike, take on the mighty Quin
Or will the Sheriff come through it all, to take a fairy tale win?

With fingers crossed and interest high, I hope it all goes well
Keep them all the right way up, and steer clear of a re- shell
God speed, drive safe, and stay on the road, and have some serious fun
To crews and teams, officials and fans, I wish you well - every single one.

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