Saturday 4 January 2014

Rally - Collie at Knockhill

22 seconds separate the top ten crews on today's Grant Construction Stages at Knockhill with Chris Collie in the lead in his Lancer surprisingly enough considering he has Quintin Milne co-driving and showing him the way at the Splits!

Stuart Walker is second, but is having transmission troubles in the Lancer and had to get pushed off the Stop line at the end of the second stage.

Gerry Gaffney is third in an Evo3, but is actually sharing that position with the 1600 Nova of Iain Wilson with Ross Hunter just 3 seconds behind in the hugely entertaining Peugeot.

Gary Adam is having gearbox selection issues in the MkII as is James Thompson in the Nova, Graeme Schoneville's Honda won't rev over 3000 rpm and both Patersons, Ian and Stuart have spent too much time pirouetting on the greasy surfaces here at Knockhill.

Much of the tarmac stage is greasy and wet, but at least there's no snow - for the moment!

Leaderboard after 2 (of 8) stages:
1, Chris Collie, 7m 08s
2, Stuart Walker, 7m 15s
3, Gerry Gaffney, 7m 20s
4, Iain Wilson, 7m 20s
5, Ross Hunter, 7m 23
6, Gareth White, 7m 23s
7, Gary Adam, 7m 25s
8, John Rintoul, 7m 30s
9, Sean Robson, 7m 30s
10, Lee Hastings, 7m 30s

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