Tuesday 21 January 2014

Race - Touring Cars

Cleland - in attack mode, as ever!
Now I know it’s not rallying, but there is a connection. On Wednesday evening 5th February, at 8 pm, sit yourself down in front of the telly with a beer and a pizza, and switch on to ITV4 for ‘Touring Car Legends’. From 3 wheeling Ford Cortinas and panel beating on the move, to fisticuffs and sweary words, this is what widescreen was invented for.

Following on from their ‘TT Legends’ and ‘Dakar Rally: Frontline to Finish Line’ documentary programmes, Gaucho Productions has been commissioned by ITV4 to produce 3 one-hour programmes on the British Touring Car Championship from the first race in 1957 to the present day.

I suppose the downside is that it will be narrated by Tiff Needell, whose enthusiasm doesn’t have a rev limiter, but there will be interviews with drivers and team managers, and even Murray Walker. Each episode will focus on a different period, with leading drivers and cars and many of the ‘highlights’ that makes this series so entertaining.

There’s a wee taster here:

Oh, yes. The connection. Well, both BTCC Champions Jim Clark and John Cleland did a bit of rallying in their mis-spent youth, before going on to greater things. Please also note, Jim doesn’t swear on camera, - but .......

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