Friday 24 January 2014

Rally - An appeal

I wonder if anyone out there can help. I’m looking for anyone with video/film clips of John Allan when he was rallying and latterly when he was running Course Car duties on occasional events.  He passed away in late 2010 and it wasn’t until this past couple of months that his wife Rachel was able to go into his den at the garage business to start clearing it out. As you can imagine, the memories started flooding back.

There are couple of video clips on YouTube of John in the Subaru Legacy on the 2007 Merrick and his final outing in the ex-McRae white MkII on the 2008 McRae Rally, but not much more.

If anyone has any film footage can they please drop me a message here, and I will get in touch. I’ll either pass on the info, or put you in touch with Rachel, however you want to handle it.

Most of the old-timers will have known John, and known him well, but some of you may not recognise the name. You’ll find out more here:

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