Saturday 4 January 2014

Rally - Collie leads

It's still close at the top of the leaderboard here at the  Grant Construction Stages Rally at Knockhill but Chris Collie has eked out  a few more seconds on Stuart Walker to lead by 18 seconds. That was despite a spin on third test, but Walker has him in his sights especially now that his new tyres have been delivered to the circuit at the lunch break. Mind you these were supposed to have been delivered last week!

Gerry Gaffney lost out on third place when his starter motor failed with Gary Adam moving into the final podium place now that he's got his sequential shift fixed in the MkII. After a big 'excursion' on the first stage of the day, Lee Hastings has pushed the Subaru back up to fourth just ahead of Iain Wilson in the Nova, but Iain is a lucky boy. The Nova holed its gearbox on the third test and was losing oil. But they managed to fix it just in time to get it back out on Stage 4.

Sadly Ian Paterson is out, the gearbox has failed on the Subaru, and first time out for 6 years, James Gibb parked his borrowed Lancer out on Stage 3 when all drive to the four wheels failed and he doesn't know the cause.

Ian Forgan is busy too, the newly crowned BLUE Tarmack Scottish Champion lost drive on the fourth test but limped out. He is now in the process of taking his own gearbox out and taking one from a spectator's Ford Ka to put into the rally car.

I also have to report that the stages are no longer greasy at Knockhill, they're wet. It's raining, and some of the rain drops are looking suspiciously like snow flakes!

Leaderboard after 4 (of 8) stages:
1, Chris Collie, 20m 12s
2, Stuart Walker, 20m 30s
3, Gary Adam, 20m 38s
4, Lee Hastings, 20m 39s
5, Iain Wilson, 20m 45s
6, Gareth White, 20m 46s
7, Ross Hunter, 20m 48s
8, John Rintoul, 21m 03s
9, Gerry Gaffney, 21m 07s
10, Des Campbell, 21m 12s

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