Wednesday 3 April 2013

Road - Ultimate barge?

Vauxhall has produced the ultimate service barge or management/chase car – a 6.2 litre,

425 bhp V8 monster on the Monaro/Maloo chassis. It's practical too, the Vauxhall VXR8 Tourer is the UK’s largest estate car by load volume.

A six speed 'box manages the power delivery to the rear drive axle with Vauxhall quoting a sub-5 second time for the 0 to 60 sprint - and it's got launch control. It's also got what they call a Bi-Modal exhaust for those who don't live in a noise-restricted zone.

And it's not a marketing one-off either. For the not-so princely sum of £49,500, the VXR8 Tourer can be sitting in your driveway now, complete with 100,000 mile warranty.

Fuel consumption? Don't ask.

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