Saturday 27 April 2013

Rally - Still Anderson

With 6 stages gone and two to go, Chris Anderson continues to lead today's DCC Stages Rally at Ingliston, but things are changing behind him. Moving into second place behind the 2 litre Fiesta is the 1600cc Saxo of Nick Runcie with Ross Fernie hanging on to third place in the Subaru and keeping one eye on Blue Tarmack Championship points.

Tom Morris is fourth, but the Escort  is now on the trailer, the diff has failed so he's going no further, although Tom actually used a rather more technical description of the failure with early celtic roots saying it was "ph*kk*d". (Think about it!)

That means that Ian Forgan is actually 4th in the 2 litre Ka ahead of Stuart Walker in the Mitsubishi.

Normally a front runner, Allan Brodie is struggling with his gearbox trying to select gears in the Escort and using oil.

Good news is that Richard Stewart and Robin Nicolson are both OK after their 'bump' earlier this afternoon although the same can't be said for the Corsa.

Alex Vassallo finished top Junior ahead of Ryan Weston and  Alex Adams, the Juniors only contesting 6 of the day's 8 stages.

Leaderboard after 6 (of 8) stages:
1, Chris Anderson, 38m 04s
2, Nick Runcie, 38m 36s
3 Ross Fernie, 38m 41s
4, Tom Morris, 38m 49s
5, Ian Forgan, 39m 02s
6, Stuart Walker, 39m 37s
7, Chris McCallum, 39m 53s
8, Bill Hamilton, 40m 02s
9, Gerry Gaffney, 40m 16s
10, Stevie Hope, 40m 17s

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