Saturday 27 April 2013

Rally - Anderson again

There's been a bit of a delay with today's DCC Ingliston Stages and that was due to an accident. One car came off second best against a stout pole and rescue service were called as a precaution. Fingers crossed that the worst the driver has suffered is cracked ribs from the harnesses, but he might have broken one.

Chris Anderson still leads with Ross Fernie in second place, but Tom Morris has closed the gap to 2 seconds on  Fernie wih 2 stages to go. Mind you he can't relax either because he's got Nick Runcie and the Saxo on his Escort's tail just 4 seconds adrift. Mind you, Nick was lucky. The wee car headbutted a big round bale on that last test and pushed the bumper into the oil cooler. It's leaking but not too badly.

Stevie Hope was another on bale bashing duty, but it was the Escort's rump that took the damage and he still lies ninth, and that was after repairing a broken rear axle link from the first stages this morning.

As for Stuart Baillie, he's out. He was lying fourth after two stages but on the second test, the Subaru lost second gear. Despite that he was quicker on the thrd test, but then the gearbox broke completely, so he's out.

Young Alex Vassallo leads the Juniors by half a minute from Ryan Weston. Alexander Adams is third, but Harry Marchbank is only a second behind in fourth.

Leaderboard after 4 (of 8) stages:
1 Chris Anderson, 27m 07s
2 Ross Fernie, 27m 30s
3, Tom Morris, 27m 32s
4, Nick Runcie, 27m 36s
5, Ian Forgan, 27m 51s
6, Stuart Walker, 28m 10s
7, Bill Hamilton, 28m 38s
8, Chris McCallum, 28m 30s
9, Stevie Hope, 28m 37s

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