Saturday 27 April 2013

Rally - Anderson wins

Chris Anderson scored the second rally win of his career at the DCC Ingliston stages today, having scored his maiden rally victory on the Lindisfarne last year. He took the lead after Bruce Edwards' retirement on the first stage, when the Darrian bent a bottom wishbone, and just held off the pack from the front.

Nick Runcie was second in the Saxo from Ross Fernie who was puzzled by a vibration from the front end of the Subaru for the last half of the final stage. He just kept going and it didn't seem to get any worse so was happy with third place. "I thought it was a puncture at first," said Ross, "but the tyres were fine when I got to the stage finish."

Chris was delighted with win number 2: "I really didn't expect this today," he said afterwards, "when I saw the entry with Darrians and Escorts and dry weather. The car was faultless, all I did was put tyres on it."

Alex Vassallo finished top Junior ahead of Ryan  Weston and  Alex Adams was third ahead of Harry Marchbank, the Juniors only contesting 6 of the day's 8 stages.

Leaderboard after 8 (of 8) stages:
1, Chris Anderson, 53m 20s
2, Nick Runcie, 53m 52s
3 Ross Fernie, 54m 10s
4, Ian Forgan, 54m 42s
5, Stuart Walker, 55m 25s
6, Bill Hamilton, 56m 01s
7, Chris McCallum, 56m 10s
8, Stevie Hope, 56m 13s
9, Gerry Gaffney, 56m 19s
10, Paul Ballantyne, 57m 01s

Full report will be put up on the website on Monday - or maybe even tomorrow!

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