Saturday 27 April 2013

Rally - Ingliston cycle ride

Stuart Baillie and Lachlan Cowan
The Marshals' Brie
When it comes to tarmac rallying , Ingliston is a bit different. For one thing, you can recce the stages on a bike before the rally and most folk do. That's something you can't really do at Mull or Otterburn, unless your second name is Wiggins. And for those who don't have their own bike, they pinch their kids' bikes! So there are quite a few sights to be seen wobbling around on wee wheels or carrying their notes in a wee basket on a pink bicycle.

Some folk do try to avoid it though. Ian Forgan was spotted riding round on his own, of Kathryn there was no sign. According to Ian: "She's stuck on the bypass and not here yet." At least that's what she told him.

I also spotted Gordon Boyd, back from a rally in Italy last weekend, so he missed the Granite City: "We got there on the Thursday and it was 25 degrees - then it p*sh*d down for 3 days." Just like home, eh.

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