Friday 19 April 2013

Rally - Here for the craic

Check out the blue sky!
There's a full entry of 120 cars plus reserves for tomorrow's Granite City Rally with a few visitors from 'overseas' amongst them. "We missed out on the North Wales Rally," said Jonny Greer," and we need some miles in the car before the Pirelli, so we're looking forward to this tomorrow." Mark Donnelly chipped in: "The pace is quite hot over here and the competition is fierce so it should be good."

When asked if they had a top ten finish in mind, the two Citroen DS3 drivers just smiled, with Jonny adding: "Aye, she's good on the fast stuff, but we lose out when it's twisty, they just lack the power out of the corners." But if it's dry tomorrow, who'd bet against a top ten? Top six maybe?

Chris Collie had a lucky escape at the shakedown earlier. The wheelstuds sheared on the rear n/s hub taking off the wheel, disc and caliper, but he appeared at Scrutineering with new bits on board and rear wheel attached, although the Lance's tail end looks a bit more tattered round the edges.

It would appear that tomorrow's run is not a one-off for Dave Weston Jnr, as he has registered for the ARR Craib Scottish Championship: "We've bought the car," said Dave, "Dad had some business owing to him in Ireland and did the deal - it's actually Euan Thorburn's old E9."

As for the weather, there is no snow on the stages, although there is still snow on the hills. The gravel roads are wet underneath, but the surface is drying out in the cold north east wind - at least the sun is shining!

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