Friday 19 April 2013

Rally - Craib saves the day

Here's a heart warming tale. Yesterday the Scottish Rally Championship hosted a sponsor's day in the woods for their new sponsor ARR Craib, the haulage and logistics firm. A two mile stage had been laid out and 55 guests were invited along and each of them got a run in a rally car in the forest. Result, 55 huge smiles all round and a good day had by all.

Greeting the guests on arrival mid morning was a huge marquee and a specially created area of hard standing. At 6.30 am that morning a tipper arrived with 30 tonnes of gravel, which was dropped and spread in front of the marquee area and then levelled and thumped into place with a tamper. Guests kept their good shoes clean and their feet dry. Nice one Bruce McCombie and Dave Weston.

Inside the marquee was a mouth watering selection of snacks plus soft and hot drinks.

Anyway, Mike Faulkner was one f the celebrity drivers for the assembled guests, until the Lancer's gearbox broke, and he didn't have the parts. Wayne Sisson had them in his garage at Arnside down in Cumbria, but Wayne was already up here. The question was, how to get the parts from Cumbria to Aberdeen?

Step forward ARR Craib. They got one of their trucks to stop in at Arnside, pick up the package and deliver it to base in Aberdeen where Mike picked them up from there. Gearbox rebuilt this morning, job done.

Isn't it nice to have friends in high places. A real case of sponsorship working, eh?

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