Tuesday 9 April 2013

Rally - Show stopper

John MacCrone's new steed was spotted on the Palletforce stand at the CV Show in Birmingham although the Muileach was not there in person, but team manager/supporter/fan and all round rallynut Dave Holland was there resplendent in his orange and white uniform.

"We missed out on Wales when they had to cancel," said Dave referring to the snowstruck opening round of the British Rally Championship, "but we did take John and Peter Taylor testing at Walters Arena. So they've done 120 miles in their new Citroen DS3s."

Dave also had a video clip on his phone: "We walked into the stage while they were unloading the cars to watch them coming round," he said, "Remember, John had never sat in the car before, and there he was, first time out and he was going for sixth gear when he passed us! I thought, cheez, that's 120 grands worth of motor car! But he was fine. Next outing is the Pirelli."

When asked if we would see the Citroen on Mull, Dave said: "That decision hasn't been taken yet, although what he did with the Fiesta last year was sensational."

Speaking of rallying, Charlie Jarrett was spotted at the CV Show with the two boys. Charlie runs a timber haulage company in the Highlands. If you think rally cars get a hard time in the woods, think how trucks must suffer. Although timber trucks rarely reach double figure speeds, they still endure a hard time hauling tree trunks out of the forests so keeping them in good fettle is a tough job. Charlie's rig hauls 26 tonnes at a time so monitoring wear and tear on the drivetrain and suspension is a constant job.

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