Wednesday 20 March 2013

Rally - Target Timing

Newcomers to the noble art of rally co-driving can easily be put off the sport by the perceived complexities of rally time-keeping. Yes, at first glance it can look complicated, but in essence it is actually very simple. It has to be, otherwise I would have failed miserably in a past life.

Regardless of that, I sought a much more experienced and wiser counsel to write an article explaining the dark art of 'Target Timing' aimed primarily at newcomer rally co-drivers. However, this article is so comprehensive that even some long serving mapsters will find it of interest and use - I certainly did, so I'm grateful to my second anonymous contributor for this major feature.

That is now two contributors to this humble website who wish to remain anonymous - now why is that? Don't they wish to be associated with Scotland's most-read, most-loved and entirely honest, truthful and insightful rally magazine?

Anyway, later than promised (I was supposed to put it on the website last week before I disappeared off to Brrrum) here it is now, so if there are any new co-drivers ready and raring to cut their teeth on the clipboard of life this weekend, here is the ideal starter pack.

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