Saturday 23 March 2013

Rally - Milne leads

All change at the top after 3 of today's four stages on the Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally, with Quintin Milne now leading from David Bogie by 42 seconds.

Early leader Barry Groundwater used ice tyres this morning but they were beginning to break up and the plan was to use gravel tyres for SS3 and keep the ice tyres for the final stage, whereas, Quintin had a full set of ice tyres for this afternoon's final two stages. We won't know till the crews get back to Jedburgh finish exactly what happened out there, but conditions are no better this afternoon than they were this morning.

Lying third after 2 stages, young Mellors has obviously been caught out this afternoon  and he has dropped right out of the top ten although he's still running, while Euan Thorburn and Dale Robertson have both slipped further back outside the top ten.

Top 2WD overall was Steve Bannister in the MkII, while there was one second between Rob Tuer in the MG and Graeme Smith in the Honda. Game on.

By the way, it's still cold enough to freeze the bollards off a traffic island here!

Top Ten (provisional after 3 of today's 4 stages):
1 Quintin Milne, 30m 30s
2 David Bogie, 31m 12s
3 Stephen Petch, 31m 20s
4 Barry Groundwater, 31m 31s
5 Donnie MacDonald, 32m 46s
6 Mike Faulkner, 32m 51s
7 Andy Horne, 32m 51s
8 John McClory, 32m 59s
9 Chris Collie, 33m 09s
10 Dougal Brown, 33m 10s

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