Friday 22 March 2013

Rally - Borders weather

Just after mid-day in Jedburgh, and the roads are clear, although the hills are white. As for tomorrow's Brick & Steel Border Counties Rally, who knows. More snow is predicted overnight.

Today's pre-rally test day has been cancelled. There were no problems with access and the lower slopes of Kielder Forest are snow-free, but even a rise of 200 metres takes cars in to the snow-line.

The first half mile of the two mile test was on gravel, but thereafter snow and ice. The first cars ran over fresh snow, but it was tending to polish and turn to ice. It's also colder the higher up you go so the ice was going nowhere.

Conditions were tricky, but it was the lack of snow tyres that made most of those who turned up load up the trailer and go away again. And bang went a chance to get some mileage in ahead of tomorrow!

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