Thursday 14 March 2013

Rally - Dare to bare

Ross is the one in the middle.
Now here’s a horrible thought, at least for those who have to suffer it, but Ross McWilliam is going to work tomorrow in full Highland Dress.

And naturally, he will be living up to tradition – and leaving his boxer shorts at home. So no Y-fronts, thongs, lacey bits or mankini either. Just as nature intended.

The idea is to raise money for Red Nose Day. So what’s so daring about that?

Since he exiled himself from the Isle of Mull a couple of years back, Ross has been working for Paul Benn Motorsport in Cockermouth, which is in Englandshire of course. Apparently his work ‘mates’ have been informed of the ploy and will be waiting expectantly for the boy to turn up for work and reveal all, or very little, as the case may be. 

And knowing what Paul and the rest of the Cumbrian ruffians are like, the boy will be in fear today ahead of tomorrow. The thought of welding torches and roast nuts springs to mind.

So if you’re looking for a suitable excuse to give, and give generously, help the boy out and give him your support.

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