Wednesday 18 July 2012

Road - Speedy app?

Not having a Smartphone, I can’t vouch for this, but since 4 out of 10 people now have such a device in their pockets, this might be of interest.

Cyclops have just launched Version 2 of their Speedwatch ‘app’ for Smartphone users. It is claimed that it offers real-time warning for all speed camera types.

It costs £9.99, and is available to new users on a 14 day free trial period. Existing Speedwatch iPhone customers will automatically get the version 2.0 up-date.

When in use, Speedwatch 2.0 runs in the background which means that audio can still be played on the device, phone calls can be made and other apps can be used, while notification alerts can still be made.

Single button reporting means that the user only has to touch the screen once while the Cyclops does all the hard work to filter and check alerts before they are issued.

Speedwatch uses Cyclops’ Waypoint Technology that provides ultra-reliable smart alerts. The UK and Ireland database includes over 20,000 professionally verified fixed and frequent mobile camera sites – the Speedwatch app also tells users when a mobile site is actually manned by a speed camera enforcement unit.

The iPhone app has already had over 75,000 downloads in the UK and Ireland since it was launched.

So it might well be worth a look.

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