Sunday 15 July 2012

Rally - Fernie Wins at Kames

Well, that was a grand day out. Ross Fernie and and Cameron Fair won the Albar Trophy Rally at Kames after a fairly trouble-free day after Alan Gardiner had gone home with a dead Escort. “That was the first time I used brand new tyres,” said Ross, “I just couldn’t believe the grip I was getting.”

In second place was Chris McCallum but by only 12 seconds from Bill Hamilton. Chris had one ‘woopsie’ on the first stage but thereafter kept it clean and tidy while Bill snatched third by a single second from Blair McCulloch on the very last of the day’s 16 stages.

Blair was kicking himself afterwards, but truth be told, he was in a Nova, Bill was in a Kadett.

Top Junior was young Alex Vassallo with a fairly comfortable 9th win from 10 events, but behind him there was a right royal battle between Ryan Weston and Harry Marchbank. They finished the day 10 seconds apart but it could have been much closer as Harry overshot two junctions on the final stage, each one costing him vital seconds.

Top Ten:
1, Ross Fernie, Subaru, 25m 05s
2, Chris McCallum, Escort MkII, 25m 58s
3, Bill Hamilton, Kadett, 26m 08s
4, Blair McCulloch, Nova, 26m 09s
5, Graham Bruce, EVO4, 26m 20s
6, Guy Lennox, MkII, 26m 23s
7, Gerry Gaffney, EVO3, 26m 31s
8, Kieron O’Kane, Ascona, 26 32s
9, Alasdair Cunningham, Manta 400, 26m 43s
10 Craig Gibson, Escort Mkl, 28m 18s

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