Monday 30 July 2012

Rally - Speyside on Saturday

I got some ‘hate mail’ at the weekend regarding my previous item on rally seeding. The sender was pointing out the error of my ways in referring to ‘rally seeding’ as opposed to the more accurate term, ‘rally running-order’. Of course he was perfectly correct. Rally organisers have the right to run competitors in any order they wish while paying due regard to anticipated performance.

Although a number of attempts have been made over the years at establishing a proper ‘seeding list’ of competitors, most events still rely on the experience and knowledge of officials and the past results ‘Seeding Information’ section on Entry Forms filled in by competitors.

So I stand rebuked, but I’ll see the sender this weekend. He just happens to have won the Scottish Rally Championship three times in the past and was the driver of a car affectionately known to Scottish rally fans as ‘Big Rumbly’, so all the old-stagers will know instantly who I mean.

Anyway, the full Entry List for this weekend’s sixth round of the Scottish Rally Championship, the Gleaner Oils & Gas Speyside Stages Rally is now on the website along with a Timetable and a list of the outlets where to buy the Rally Programme.

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