Monday 2 July 2012

Rally - Banner on the Run

( Photo: LindsayPhotoSport )
It’s not that Steve Bannister doesn’t like giving money away, it’s just that he doesn’t like getting his fotie taken, but he was really quite happy (yes, that is actually a smile!) to hand over this cheque for £1000 to Dr John Harrington.

The presentation took place after the Driver’s Briefing on Friday night in Dumfries and the money will be used to create medical kits for use by doctors on rally events.

The Doc said: “It will buy what we call a ‘grab bag’ for use by doctors on an event-to-event basis on the Scottish championship. The bag comprises the kind of emergency equipment used by paramedics for road accidents and medical call-outs throughout the UK. We need to recruit new people into the sport in terms of marshalling and rescue and recovery, as well as doctors. We'll now be able to give this additional equipment to new young doctors for use on events and hopefully encourage them to become confident in what we do. They wouldn't be able to buy these items themselves, so the result of Steve's fund-raising will make a huge difference".

So where did the money come from? First of all Steve raised 500 quid by running the Kielder Challenge Race round the giant puddle (Europe’s largest man-made lake) in Northumberland and then at his 60th birthday bash, he raised another 500.

As for ‘The Doc’ he’s one of the unsung heroes in Scottish motor sport, he’s even been spotted at motor racing circuits! For those outwith the sport who don’t know, rallying requires a doctor and Rescue Unit to be on site at each stage on an event from first car to last, and in longer stages, two doctors and two units are stationed. Given the frequency, duration and geographical diversity of Scottish rallying that’s a heckuva task.

So now you know how the Malton Missile always looks as fit as a butcher’s dog  – it must have been a greyhound.

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