Thursday 19 May 2022

Rally - Yesterday's Photo

Omitting the names yesterday was not an act of forgetfulness, it was a prompt to stir the memory boxes of others. We all have our own memories of times past and they are all different.

George Marshall (on the left) won the Scottish Rally Championship title in 1985. Oddly enough this was an anniversary - of sorts. He scored his first major rally win 37 years ago on this very event. His agricultural business is still located just across the road from this year's Border Rally Service Park, so it only required a short stroll to catch up and re-live the good old days.

Peter Brown (in the middle) won four Scottish Rally Championship Co-driver titles (1981,82,84,86), a feat unmatched till the more recent David Bogie/Kevin Rae championship domination years.

Ken Wood is still very much a part of Scottish rallying more often seen underneath the John Wink Hyundai these days than inside a rally car although the V6 Dolomite is still 'resting' in the garage back home.  He won three Scottish Championship titles in three different cars, the Triumph TR7V8 in 1982, the Rover Vitesse in 1984 and the MG Metro 6R4 in 1986. It was also one of the most recognisable and successful rally sponsor partnerships ever, with Golden Wonder Crisps.

And today's pic? I just couldn't resist this quickly snapped shot from Kames last week. Steaming and wheezing like a burst gasket, Dangerous Des explodes across the Finish line on two wheels. I wonder if he's planning to recce the Jim Clark on his bike!!


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