Wednesday 18 May 2022

Rally - Auld Codgers

Mair auld codgers ... It was like a trip down memory lane at last weekend's Border Counties where this trio met up during a quiet spell in Service. Between them they won eight national Scottish Rally Championship titles way back when Pace Notes were banned and turbos 'would never catch on'! Marshals didn't need to be licensed, they were there to support their club and the sport and spectators roamed freely in the woods. Burger vans offered a straight choice - bacon roll or burger, and none of this vegan nonsense. And it was a proper roll too, genuine Scottish fluffy or 'well-fired' morning roll, and none of this bap, brioche or flatbread carry-on. On a more serious note, you could get four gallons of fuel then for the price of one gallon today and forest tyres were a tenth of today's price! Forty years ago life was much simpler and so was rallying - just ask any one of these three.



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