Saturday 21 May 2022

Rally - Testing times

At a top secret location, somewhere in the western hemisphere, some rally cars and their drivers had gathered ahead of next weekend's Jim Clark and Reivers Rallies. Their task? To refettle and fine tune their cars for the tarmac challenge which lies ahead.

Michael Harbour and David Hardie were there with their Mk2s, Mark McCulloch with his Proton and Peter and Richard Stewart with their Peugeots. Oddly enough both Peter and Richard said they had never been to Kames before (Oops, I've let slip the location, as if the pics didn't give it away!)and hadn't realised what an excellent facility EACC have built up. Despite their tarmac set-up, the wee Peugeots still look as though they're riding high.

Mark was adjusting the set-up having switched from forest to tarmac spec which is quite an operation on the Proton with both front corners needing completely changed including brakes although the rear is a bit more straightforward. David Hardie was there, not for testing purposes, but to give son Grant his first drive in a rally car, but why not testing? That's because he's not going to the Clark - he's going to a wedding on the Saturday. Somebody slipped up, eh? As for Mick he was trying to get his inside front wheel to behave - down boy!


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