Saturday 18 July 2020

Lockdown release

I'm so excited I could eat a Vegan Scotch pie. I'm going to 'observe' a motor sports event tomorrow. The smell of hot clutches, tortured brakes and burning rubber. Cars, competition and people. Plus a slight whiff of petrol fumes - the nearest some of us get to that these days is firing up the lawnmower!

Ok, so it's only an Autosolo (for road legal cars), one of two (that I know of), which are taking place tomorrow but the excitement and anticipation is genuine. Sad, eh? Yup, really sad!

One of the main reasons for going is to find out exactly what the organisers have had to go through to get their events off the ground. If you thought organising an Autosolo is simple, well it is, but not in these Covid19 restricted times.

Both sets of organisers have had to make strenuous efforts to comply with H&S rules, Government requirements and Motorsport UK regulations and the plan is to have a chat with them and write up a wee feature on just how hard it has been.

And if it has been difficult for them, one can only imagine the gargantuan task that will face forest stage or closed road rally organisers in times to come.

One of the events has 17 entries the other has 20 and an invitation was extended to one media rep to attend either, but the one nearest home makes most sense. As such it was the easiest way to make a choice without upsetting anyone.

Unfortunately these are NON-SPECTATOR events, one of the many additional stipulations laid down by 'group gathering' and 'social distancing' rules. So you'll all just have to wait till it's over and then you can read all about it here.

Happy days, eh?

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