Tuesday 23 July 2019

Road - An 'ordinary' Show

It's the ordinary things in life that make us appreciate the extra-ordinary. If everyone drove around in Bentleys, Ferraris and McLarens, we simply wouldn't appreciate their presence and magnificence. Motoring would become a less colourful place. We'd get bored. Of course, such cars are quick and comfortable, but we will always need the mundane to ensure that automotive excellence can be truly appreciated.

For instance, it is the sheer plain drabness of the McVities tea biscuit that makes us fully appreciate the succulent chewy sweetness of a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer, politicians droning on make us choose the sensitive and soothing strains of the musically gifted Status Quo, while traffic jams make us long for the open road. For sure, we need boring to make exciting, exciting.

Last weekend the sixth running of the 'Hagerty Festival' took place in Buckinghamshire, and this surely must be a diary date  for next year. This is a show for the seriously sad auld gits of the motoring world, or as Hagerty Insurance put it rather more politely, "the hurrah for the humdrum".

The show's full title is the 'Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional' and it is for those cars who have played a 'starring' role in the lives of ordinary folks. This event provides a showcase for those bland and un-noticeable family cars, station wagons, runabouts, commuter hacks and jalopies which are the staple of everyday life. All the more reason for them to be recognised for their contribution to everyday life and society. They also provide the reason for those of us who aspire to sports cars and supercars, limousines and lifestyle vehicles.

A record number of visitors attended this sixth annual Hagerty Festival at the Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire last Saturday. 50 cars took part in the competitive 'concours' while over 500 cars on general display provided a compulsively attractive cornucopia of mouth watering ordinariness.

The overall 'star' of the show was a 1977 Marina 1.3 Deluxe Estate while the Runner Up was a 1978 Vauxhall Chevette E saloon.

In the newly-created Anniversary Class, a 1982 Vauxhall Astra 1300 GL got the top award with an honourable mention going to a 1974 Ford Capri 1600 GT.

A 1989 Citroen BX19 DTR (complete with Taxi sign) got the 'Best in Show' award while the People’s Choice Award was presented to a 1982 Peugeot 305 SR Estate. 

Got to be worth a visit next year, eh? D'you think we could fill a bus? Or have I completely misjudged those who follow the drivel on this Blog?

(Note: Photos supplied by the Hagerty Insurance Festival organisers)

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