Tuesday 16 July 2019

Rally - Ongoing debate

An article published here (see link below) on the Blog the night before the Mach1 Stages (12th July) generated quite a bit of discussion. The topic concerned the current state of going rallying and the costs. Just to add to that debate I was talking to a chap at Mach1 who bought a 'ready to rally' logbooked car at the start of the year - then had to spend 3 grand on seats, belts and fire extinguisher which were out of date! And that's on top of his own personal protection suit and helmet which also had to be updated!

Whilst it's right to be concerned about safety and personal protection, someone is taking the mick. Fortunately Motorsport UK is looking at the whole issue of 'lifing' equipment but this is only one cost amongst many which are pricing folk out of the sport and frightening off newcomers. No doubt this is a topic which will be returned to soon!

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Note: The accompanying photos are purely for illustration purposes and not driver or car specific!

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