Tuesday 16 July 2019

Rally - Sun-stroke at Mach1

What is it with cats and kids and boxes? Come Christmas, kids will tear open their presents, ditch the contents and play with the boxes. Imagination knows no bounds as they drive their own rally cars or buses or hide from the grown-ups in their cardboard retreats. It's the same with cats. Leave an empty box lying around and a cat will make a den or secret attack bunker from which they will strike terror into passing dogs and terrified weans. 

On that basis what possesses a grown adult male of supposedly sound mind to get excited about a simple cardboard container? Can it be put down simply to artistic temperament, a desire to be alone or simply the need to make a personal style statement? Or might it simply be a Blue-Peterish desire to make his own Aussie sun protection hat - once he finds enough corks? Whatever. If you do come across this chap around our rallies please be kind, tolerant and understanding. He obviously needs our help and sympathy.

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