Tuesday 28 October 2014

Rally - Safety Review

The Motor Sport Safety Review Group published its initial findings ahead of the Mull Rally earlier this month and I commented on those on the Blog and Facebook, but a number of people have enquired if they could see a full copy. It's not easily found on the Scottish Government website, so I have printed the Ministerial Statement and the full text of the initial Report from the Group in the on-line mag. It'll take a bit of reading so set aside some extra time for your next tea and shortbread break.

Although a much more comprehensive review and recommendations are due to be published before the end of the year, the positive tone of these initial findings is encouraging - more common sense than knee-jerk reaction, so fingers crossed.

Naturally, there is no guidance or advice regarding the funding of any proposals, but hopefully they will take into account the fact that motor sport is primarily an amateur enterprise and with rallying in particular there is a problem in establishing turnstiles and paybooths at forestry gates. Income is therefore hard to generate, so any additional costs would have to be passed on!

If they do come up with any expensive ideas then the sport will need some form of financial help, perhaps through a Sports Council grant or with practical help in the application for a direct Lottery Funding grant.

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