Friday 10 October 2014

Rally - Mull02

Just a thought. Good to see McRae and Grindrod back behind the blue oval, but it occurred to me that if the car is 44 years old, Jim is 71 and Ian is 114, does that make them the oldest combination in the rally? Whatever, the wee car looks quite stunning. Underneath the MkI bonnet is a 2 litre BDA, but it's Jim's own personal pride and joy, so not to be thrashed. Aye right.

Looking ahead to the first Leg tonight, all thoughts are on the weather. What will it do? The roads are dryish at present but greasy, and it would appear that the tyre vans are busy selling Intermediates, although some crews are going for a mixtures of Inters and Wets. It all kicks off at 7.00 pm in Tobermory, so we'll know soon enough.

As for ongoing news from the rally, we'll have to see how things go. Getting a signal up here can be pretty damn difficult to find at times.

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