Thursday 2 October 2014

Faster Scotland Mag.

Just picked up the latest issue (Number 3) of the free quarterly magazine ‘Faster Scotland’ and it is instantly different from the first two issues – more pages and better quality paper. The first issue had 24 pages, the second 32 pages and this latest issue has 48 pages.

It’s an A4 mag, but packs a lot into its pocket sized format. The idea is to cover as much Scottish motor sport as possible with motor sporting features and personality info aimed at a Scottish audience. Their ‘Keep it Free’ motto refers to the fact that the magazine is free to the public with all costs covered by advertisers, so if you are looking for goods and services, you might find them in here.

If you haven’t seen it yet you’ll be able to pick up a copy this weekend at the McRae Stages, look out for the ‘FS’ team at spectator car parks or you can pick up a copy at the Rally Forum in the Campus Main Hall.

Other advantages? It is very light and easy to carry, it won’t break, is always ‘on’, doesn’t need a wi-fi signal and never needs batteries. Who knows, something this easy to operate might even catch on!

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