Saturday, 11 October 2014

Rally - Mull 06

There was a bit of a change to things overnight but nothing major. James MacGillivray continues to lead the 2014 Tunnocks Mull Rally in his Subaru ahead of the Escort MkII of Calum Duffy, but the gap is not 30 seconds, it's only 20 seconds. Apparently, Duffy got a dodgy time at the end of the final stage last night and was indeed faster than both MacGillivray and John MacCrone. So no change in the order, just the gaps. Game on.

The shuffling also dropped Shaun Sinclair out of the top ten (from 8th) and he now lies 12th with Steven Clark moving up to fill the final top ten placing.

John MacCrone is top 1600cc runner but Ian Chadwick is going like a dingbat in 11th place in his Skoda Fabia while Mark Constantine leads the 1400s in his Corsa in 18th place.

Leaderboard after 6 (of 20) stages:
1, J MacGillivray, 51m 31s
2, C Duffy, 51m 41s
3, T Pye, 53m 23s
4, J MacCrone, 54m 43s
5, D Weir, 55m 11s
6, J Mounsey, 55m 12s
7, T Stell, 55m 19s
8, D McGeechan, 56m 09s
9, B Bird, 56m 21s
10, S Clark, 56m 22s

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