Friday 31 October 2014

Rally - Cool stickers

How cool is this? The guys behind the new ‘Faster Scotland’ motor sports magazine also have a vehicle livery design and graphic company called ‘Evolution Customs’ based in Rosyth, near Edinburgh. They can do everything from single one-off stickers to full vehicle wraps, and are offering deals to owners of rally and race cars. If you buy a full wrap from them they will maintain it during the season i.e. if you dinkle a wing, they will offer a repair service as part of the deal. And they’re not awfy dear, so it’s worth a chat. They will do everything from roadcars and vans, to trucks and trailers, but they really love their competition cars.

In return for a wee favour, they printed off some really tasteful wee stickers for the online magazine. See what you think. I think the yellow goes well with the white van and the white car – or maybe it matches my eyes. I’ve already had one request for a pair of stickers for a friend’s car. And he’s tickled pink, or yellow. Maybe I should order a bundle. Desirable items? Or not?

Check them out here:

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