Saturday 11 October 2014

Rally - Mull 08

Red faces ... Clive Molyneux is suffering this morning. A former Clerk of the Course for this rally and esteemed, talented and experienced co-driver (so he said)  to all and sundry, he's sitting with John Cope this weekend. Cope obviously thinking that a man of his nfame and talent will be a boon in the car. At first service last night, the Subaru pulled under the awning and the lads set to like bees on Red Bull swarming round and over the car, wheel and tyres, fluid levels and spanner checks, shouting out how much time do e we have. Back came the confident reply "10 minutes". The sweat was flying, hands and legs a blur. The another call "Oops, you've got another 10 minutes. "Cursing and swearing all round. Then Cope added: "When we got to the Time Out Control, we still had more time." The boys haven't let Clive forget and he's getting slagged mercilessly. Tee Hee Hee.

Remember in the run up to this event, I mentioned young Ally Currie who was 17 years of age yesterday? Well he started the rally last night, but only after he had fixed a clutch cable problem earlier in the week. Then the gearbox failed at the shakedown yesterday. That meant changing the gearbox before the rally start last night. Well he was 58th at the overnight halt and going like a sherbet buzzbomb with Peter MacCrone alongside in hs wee Peugeot 106. Gaun yersel boys. And you all know Peter, John's uncle, and Peter has sat beside a few qick locals in his time, eh?

And Jim McRae's problem? The car suffered fuel starvation last night, or as we say in Lanarkshire, he didnae put enough in it. Seriously though the pipes were squashed and the pump couldn't suck the fuel through fast enough, but he's re-started this morning.

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