Saturday 11 October 2014

Rally - Mull 07

Foreigners ... Much has been made of the Canadian pairing who made a commitment to return for their 'home' event having moved from Lancashire to Canadaland some years ago. Nick and Kelly Matthew had problems last night with their Subaru but got a helluva cheer this morning when they turned up to start the Trophy Rally.

But they are not the only foreigners. We have a team here for Marasalavia. Richard and Edwin Cook plus team crew are the only representatives from this principality in Cumbria. Entirely contained within the shire boundary Marasalavia is a bit like Monaco without the money and the glamour and San Marino without the sunshine and the bling. It's not officially part of the EEC either and they have their own language - a sort of broader version of 'Cooombrian'. They were mentioned in dispatches last year, but I just though it worth repeating this year again. Flag? They haven't got one yet but they are flying their underpants in 16th place at the moment.

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